/Catering at VASAVI Kalyana Bhavan , Lakdikapul
Catering at Lakdikapul

Catering at VASAVI Kalyana Bhavan , Lakdikapul

Delicious Greetings Dear Friends,
Abhiruchi Caterers the Zzzabbburdhusth food makers at VASAVIi Kalyan Bhavan, Lakdikapul.

This month food donation program was changed to complimentary catering program for the sake of ART AND CULTURE.

Akruthi events, despite their busy schedules in events, had planned and put good efforts to assemble, self-trained dancers, musicians, singers to one platform. The interesting aspect, as I understood from the organizers is none of them had got trained much from any GURU but interesting to watch their performance on par with professionals.

When everybody could spend their time, energy and money, I being an art lover, couldn’t resist offering complimentary catering and am thankful for getting the opportunity to do this service to artistes.

Abhiruchi Caterers is The Zabburdhusth Food Makers.