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Wedding Catering Service

Abhiruchi Caterers provide the best services to the in various categories. We concentrate on rich and delicious food with wonderful dining hall presentation. Delicious food with hygienic preparation. We have done wedding catering not only in Hyderabad but also extended our wings in Bangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada, and many other places within a radius of nearly 600 Kms.

How do We approach Prospective Wedding Clients?

Abhiruchi Caterers, being a brand by itself, receive enquiries from various sources and collaborations with function halls.

Word of mouth publicity is our key for our success and most of the calls we receive are surprise calls from prospective customers stating that so and so-referred Abhiruchi Caterers, where they attended Someone's wedding catering and impressed with food and service.

Another source is search online in Google Search, Just Dial, Sulekha and many more portals.

Once we received enquiry we meet a prospective client at a mutually convenient place and ascertain all the details regarding their wedding catering needs.

Wedding Catering Proposal

The point we cover is the date of engagement, if not done, we shall take up engagement catering. This we take as a crucial catering in entire process of wedding catering as this will decide customers' satisfaction level and their sanction wedding catering to us and their future catering with them especially the main wedding of their guests.

Bridal ceremony catering is a Second challenging catering for us. While the main wedding catering is to take place within a couple of days, everybody will be concentrating on how the food is.

Therefore once bridal catering is done, we check on what are the improvements they may want to suggest as this the bridge for main wedding catering.

This is a mandatory activity for us because, if they find the food is not up to the mark it will create a panicky situation and disturb their mind as we clearly understand food is the main part of any wedding catering services.

For example mandap decoration might have caused a larger amount, any  formalities exchanged may not have been in anybody's knowledge but if the food is good and the presentation is good, staff serving, quality, quantity,  taking care of both the bride and bridegrooms parties and their guests, if all these are in place and impressive, It will be termed as wedding function celebration had been done in very great manner.

We shall inform all these factors to the customer while explaining our catering related to wedding activities and we observe the customer developed confidence on us.

We will start explaining about how do we proceed with the wedding catering. We take the guest's strength and auspicious time Wedding(Muhurat) into consideration and we suggest at what time the lunch or dinner can be commenced.

We Explain on Menu Planning:

We propose the customer with two or three catering methods such as Standard menu, High Rich menu, and some more options, followed by handing over brochure and website details.

We mention to a customer that when the guests reach and assemble we start offering welcome starters may be out of options of veg bullets, coins, till coins, veg kebabs, baby corn samosa or any other options as mentioned in our website.

While one team is serving the guest who is seated at the wedding hall other few members will supply water to all the guests.

Another team will carry welcome drinks among the options of Mocktail or Fresh juice such as Watermelon fruit punch, Pineapple juice, etc.  Keep serving unlimited till the main course starts.

With the above explanation, the customer will definitely start gaining and a positive impression on us that we are the Best wedding caterers in Hyderabad and we are the Best wedding caterers in Secunderabad.

While a customer is gaining such an opinion, since we are the best vegetarian caterers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, we shall give the details of power of the menu.

While one team is serving welcome snacks and Juice, anthers will start wiping plates to see the plates are neat, properly washed and without any stains because we are the Best Hygenic caterers. We shall observe these elements very particularly.

While one team is taking care of the hygienic aspect another team will check the neatness of hot dishes for Rust-free and shining because we are clean and neat caterers in twin cities.

In the meantime, two persons will start writing labels with names of items, and start placing them on the food serving counters.

One of the menus is the standard wedding menu. Items in the standard menu are in addition to welcome juice and welcome snack, the main course will be as under which can be changed with the total menu plan mentioned on our website. And click on for the standard menu.

We check the menu with respect to items, quantity, and quantity. Since we are the best caterer we ensure proper tabling, clothing, and frilling. where proper uniforms, caps, and gloves.

Wedding Catering Boys

At the end of the catering when the plate count is nearing over, we shall meet each and every guest checking and inviting them to have their food. In the process, we shall assess as to how many are yet to have their food and if need be we shall prepare the approximate expected quantity of the food under the information the host, under chargeable basis. Once the Guests have completed their food, We shall Invite the bride, and bridegroom and their close relatives for having lunch sitting service. If necessary heat all the items so that both parties will have hot food and their satisfaction. Their satisfactory level will be very high because delicious food though they are having late will hot that too, making them comfortably sit and eat.

Method of servicing is the proper table clothing and drilling will be done and chairs arranged as shown in the picture,  all items will be displayed on the table so that not a single item will fall short.

This makes the client go be confident and will be sure that we have served all the items. This is how we explain to the customer and implement it in the dining hall for lunch or dinner.  Basing on customers' profile and requirement we shall offer LED counters for all items which are the replacements of Orthodox tabling clothing and grilling.

LED Counters for Wedding Catering

We try to give an example of items on the menu to the customer, which is as follows Manchurian spring roll or any other snacks as welcome.

Supporting items for snack is some sauce kept beside the starters.

We provide another snack in the main course like Mirchi nanny or any other snacks out of options. Rumali roti butter and puri in Indian bread category. Kadai Paneer or Paneer Butter Masala or Malai Kofta or any other gravy item as supportive to Indian bread, which can be selected from our total menu plan which is shown on the website.

Now it's time for special flavoured rice which is the main attractive item which will be nog less than Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani and ho ito landet or babu vorm dum biryani. Because we are famous biryani caterers.

We offer a supporting item for biryani with options Mirchi Salon or Bagara Baingan or Bagara tomato. After providing this main course item we provide for North Indians Malai Kofta or any other North Indian item of their choice which can be selected from the total menu plan.

We provide for South Indian items Aloo Tamatar curry or Munakkaya Tomato or North and South combination items like Aloo Matar Along with one item in the fries category.

When comes to liquids for North Indians we can provide Dal Tadka, Dal fry, Dal Makhani and for South Indians Tomato Dal Mango, Dal Palak or any other Dal as per the season and the availability of Vegetable Gongura Dal Kattapatta also can be provided which will be very delicious and most wanted item from the preparations of Abhiruchi Caterers.

Sambar rasam can be common for North and South Indians along with Chatni to pickles Common items like white rice, curd raita, Curd chilies Fryums and water will be provided by default along with the pan.

We are providing  Live Counters:

  1. 1. Chat live counter
  2. 2. Fruits live counter
  3. 3. Chinese live counter
  4. 4. Intercontinental live
  5. 5. Multi-Cuisine Live like Pasta, Pizzas
  6. 6. Live stone Ice Cream, Kulfis
  7. 7. Live Jilebi assorted
  8. 8. Live Poota Telugu
  9. 9. Leetch Gulla
  10. 10.Fry Ice cream
  11. 11. Tawa Sweet live counter
  12. 12.Tawa Sabzi live counter
  13. 13.Live Tiffin counter
  14. 14.Timepass live items such as Ice Gola, Choco-fountain, Sugar Candy, Popcorn and many other items

Once the catering is totally executed and after completion of serving we give a status of remaining food and advise them to shift into their vessels or lack in covers and shall take leave of everybody with satisfaction that we stood up to customers' expectations.

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