/Wedding Catering at Meerpet
Wedding Lunch Catering at Jillelaguda

Wedding Catering at Meerpet

Wedding catering by Abhiruchi Caterers, the Zzzubbburdhusth food makers, Swagath Grand Convention Center, Meerpet.

Wedding Breakfast Catering at Jillelaguda, Meerpet, Hyderabad

I wholeheartedly convey my thanks to swath grand convention center, Meerpet for allowing us to prepare and serve 1000 members wedding catering.

The catering was a big hit. The interesting aspect is one Mr. Chandrashekhar, whose son’s wedding is scheduled for 1st Feb 2020, approached me in the hall, spoke to the bride’s father from the hall itself and fixed up an appointment for 11th Dec to see the possibilities of Abhiruchi’s catering for their wedding.

Customer Feedback of Wedding Catering at Jillelaguda

Dear friends, For such an inspirational food experience, please order your catering needs.

Abhiruchi Caterers is The Zabburdhusth Food Makers.